In an effort to promote their new condos, 50 North 5th came to us for a website that was as glamorous as their building.

The Goal

To strike the right balance between form and function: design a seamless, gorgeous user experience, and one that successfully generates leads.

Our Solution

We created a fluid, one-page experience with crisp typography and beautiful imagery that shows off the best of 50 North 5th. Moreover, the experience was designed in such a way that led the user to contact a realtor.


  • – Ruby on Rails Development
  • – Visual Design

We incorporated slick CSS animations to bring the longform site to life.

A custom map of North Williamsburg features food, nightlife and shopping destinations around 50 N 5th.

We also made it easy to view the building’s apartment floor plans.

Under the hood, the fun continues.

“My favorite part was using the HTML5 push state to switch between sections without reloading the page—and using my very own jQuery plugin.”