At 100 years old, Carnegie Corporation of New York has an impressive story to tell. It realizes Andrew Carnegie’s vision by not only promoting human knowledge, but by fostering the peace and equality of opportunity that allows that knowledge to flourish.

The Goal

It was essential that this new site capture the organization’s dynamism as it moves past its 100th year.

Our Solution

To find the right balance between the serious tone of the grant data with the journalistic narratives of the grantees’ work and biographies.


  • – Content Strategy
  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Django Development

News is Everywhere

Try and find the “News” section on You’ll notice that it’s not a “section”, but embedded throughout the experience.

Mobile for Nonprofits

All content is presented using responsive design, where multi-column sections stack up simply. Text and images resize dynamically to keep things beautiful.

Navigation with Focus

The navigation is all about focus. If a user is interested in Carnegie’s education work, the navigation focuses on that program, lending a newspaper “section front” feel.