Boston-based property management company Forest Properties pride themselves on being family owned and operated, and that's how they treat their tenants: like a part of the family.

The Goal

Forest Properties is proud of their family-owned image, but at the same time wanted to appeal to potential investors as a solid business partner and tenants as dependable property managers. They needed a portfolio that looked as good as their properties.

Our Solution

In the end, we designed a system to showcase their property portfolio in a clean, contemporary style, all while retaining their family-owned image. Meanwhile, property pages have unique flourishes to distinguish them from one another while retaining Forest Properties branding.


  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Content Strategy
  • – Django Development

The homepage gets right to business, allowing users to quickly look through their portfolio of buildings and properties.

Each property has its own special place on the website. Immersive photography allows users to get a true sense of what it's like to be there.

“Forest Properties had such great photography. Their building and landscape shots were perfect for giving each property page a distinct look and feel.”

A completely responsive website allows for users to view Forest Properties at home or on the go.

“This was an important consideration. Their analytics were stressing the importance of users on mobile devices, so we made sure to design for that.”