As George Street Playhouse prepares for its long term transition in 2019 to the contemporary 20-story New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, the beloved community theatre needed a modern site facelift to match their upcoming new establishment.

The Goal

Since the legacy site’s launch nearly 8 years ago, George Street’s theory, brand, and aesthetic has evolved. Shifting away from the legacy site’s dark background, text heavy pages, and use of small imagery, we were tasked to invent a fresh UI that promoted the playhouse’s stunning performances and excellence of artistry all while preserving the core mission and historical accomplishments.

Our Solution

Taking a cue from their taught, bold performances, we created a brighter, more refined aesthetic, while making room for their rich photography and creative show art to pull users into the unique character of each show. Meanwhile, backstage administrators have a powerful suite of tools to associate shows with decades, seasons, players, and news articles all while using global plugins to share the playhouse's’ latest groundbreaking news.


  • – Branding
  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Content Strategy
  • – Information Architecture
  • – Django Development

The homepage carousel allows the performance photography and show art to steal the stage in a big, and we mean big, way.

Show pages adapt to the amount of available content, from the limited assets of a pre-debut show to the myriad images and rave reviews following a hit performance.

Search through their production archive to view past seasons, actors, and individual shows.

A tailored mobile experience drives simple user interaction and ticket sales.