Like their own playhouse, the legendary theater at Lincoln Center needed a new website that was stunning to behold and sound behind the curtain.

The Goal

Before our redesign, LCT’s 10-year-old website wasn’t doing ticket sales any favors. Small fonts and a conservative design were difficult for older users and unattractive to young theatergoers. Their site needed to be a driving force in this generational shift.

Our Solution

Now, LCT can choose accent colors for each show, tying the page together with iconic posters. Their edgy LCT3 series got its own new look. And on mobile, the responsive design specifically targets mobile users, driving engagement.


  • – Telecharge Integration
  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Django Development

A Modular Homepage

The homepage reflects their ever-changing show schedule. Poster art and color ensure there's never a dull moment.

“One of LCT’s unique features are their custom show posters. The homepage focuses on these with a restrained palette and crisp grid. To handle their ever-changing schedule, the grid adapts to a range of shows while maintaining the integrity of the artwork.”

Custom Color

Customizable “pop” colors give shows their own identity while playing well with the LCT brand.

Finger Friendly

Mobile calls to action make ticket buying and social sharing a snap.

A New Brand

LCT3, the young theater upstairs, gets its own homepage, rich with social media.