Ever since their 1989 opening, LICM has served as a Long Island cultural icon. The museum now serves over a quarter million visitors every year, making it the most popular museum on the island.

The Goal

We needed to deliver a practical, accessible site for a diverse range of parents, teachers, and educators while retaining the fun-loving, DIY spirit of the museum.

Our Solution

The completely rethought and redesigned site accurately reflects the vibrancy of the museum and the experience of visiting.


  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Information Architecture
  • – Django Development

Visiting the Museum

We kicked the project off by visiting the museum and learning more about their interactive exhibits.

“Visiting the museum was critical to understanding the educational mission, which Blenderbox strived to replicate digitally.”

After our visit, we immediately began sketching out the paths LICM visitors take when going to the site.

“Not only were we focused on a cohesive user-experience, but we wanted to make sure that the administrative experience was just as intuitive.”

Our experience at the museum framed the foundations of a visual aesthetic.

“These illustrations reflect all of the emotions that we saw kids feeling within the museum: a sense of exploration, curiosity and genuine fun.”


We overhauled LICM’s calendar page with an easy to scan, mobile-friendly design.

A flexible user permissions system allows the LICM team to collaboratively update content throughout the site.