After a successful redesign of their public website, we were approached by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to overhaul and reorganize their corporate intranet.

The Goal

The legacy intranet was convoluted and didn’t provide clear answers to staffers’ questions. We needed to audit the existing content, rethink the main navigation, and design a more elegant intranet workflow for the foundation.

Our Solution

In the end, we worked together to design a cutting-edge, Django-based intranet that presents a scannable, concise network of corporate information.


  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Content Strategy
  • – Django Development


Today, this is what Mellon Foundation staff see when they open their browser. It serves as a colorful springboard for finding information deeper in the site.

“The old intranet felt stale and was difficult to read. We took their existing palette and focused on clean, crisp typography for text-heavy pages.”

Longform Pages

We condensed hundreds of pages of policy information into four long, yet easy to navigate pages.

“These pages were inspired by lengthy code documentation. When done right, they feature a scannable yet easy to navigate group of sections and sub-sections.”

A custom set of text modules help readers distinguish specific types of information throughout the intranet.

Policy Snippets

The “Policy Snippet” module allows for commonly referenced policy guidelines to be embedded across the intranet.

A robust, full-screen calendar displays all of the Foundation’s upcoming internal events.

“We streamlined this content by automatically pulling events from Mellon’s internal Sharepoint site into Django.”