The UJA Federation of New York rang in their 100th year with a dynamic, user-submitted storytelling platform that asks a simple question: “What does Jewish New York mean to you?”

The Goal

Blenderbox was tasked with designing this platform from the ground up, a system that allowed users to seamlessly upload their memories of being a Jewish New Yorker.

Our Solution

We designed clever (and fun) ways to explore the vibrant energy of Jewish NY. Roll over a bagel under “Jewish eats” and see what happens.


  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Content Strategy
  • – Information Architecture
  • – Django Development

Jump right in from the homepage and read featured stories about Jewish New York life.


We designed a flexible card treatment with color-coded, playful icons.

The editorial workflow of Django CMS seemed like a perfect fit for this project and let our design and development teams quickly iterate throughout the project.

“Django allows us to design moderation utilities, like automatic publishing and blacklisted words. Features like this make managing user-submitted content that much easier.”