A 28-acre public garden in the Bronx and one of New York City’s foremost cultural institutions, Wave Hill came to us for a website that matched the sensibilities of its serene landscapes and engaging public initiatives.

The Goal

Wave Hill needed a website that welcomed new visitors and wowed potential donors by showcasing this metropolitan oasis for families, artists, and nature enthusiasts.

Our Solution

We decided to step back and let their gorgeous photography do the talking, with a minimal yet functional aesthetic. Behind the design is a simple, intuitive, open-source CMS, where Wave Hill can easily create and update their content.


  • – User Experience Design
  • – Visual Design
  • – Django Development

The events calendar is tailored to their schedule, letting users plan their visit.

We also tapped into their plants database and came up with a garden module that shows off their seasonal photos.

Flashes of seasonal color appear throughout, and they change instantly with our “season picker.” The site admins just flip a switch.